Does anyone know were i might be able to find essays based on seabuiscuit?

im doing a essay for my reading class and i need to read an essay called From Seabiscuit: An American Legend "How Jokey's Controlled Their Weight. so if anyone can let me know id really appreciate it.

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5 Responses to “Does anyone know were i might be able to find essays based on seabuiscuit?”

  1. iisqlca says:

    Any essay taken from the internet or even bought is plagarism. Anything that isn’t your work is. I doubt that you want to read it for reference, I suggest you do research and write it youself. And please on YOUR essay, spell Seabiscuit right ! Best of luck on writing the essay.

  2. hearteningly says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of those who’ve supported me in this and all of my endeavors.Good luck and best wishes, Veronica R. Report Abuse

  3. febrifacient says:

    Sea Biscuit was not about how a Jockey loses weight. It was how a horse was ran to death if you ask me. but still a good book.

  4. pignet says:

    ‘ [external link] …Supplying sources is not plagiarism. No one should assume what a student may do with information gained here. You would have to see the actual student’s work to identify plagiarism.

  5. allnets says:

    its called anorexia and bullemia . just write your paper on those topics becuase thats how they controled their weight