Civil War question…?

I have an essay due. I am having some trouble. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!Please examine both stances on the legacy of the Civil War and Reconstruction:a. "The Civil War was not worth its cost."The above is the opening line in a book entitled "The South during Reconstruction," by E. Merton Coulter. Coulter, a conservative white historian from the South, wrote the book in 1947.b. "Preserving the Union -- a goal too shallow to be worth the sacrifice of a single life -- had become a goal impossible. . .to achieve in that shallow form."The above is a recent remark from Barbara Fields, a modern black historian who has argued that only emancipation made preserving the Union worth the cost of war.What factors, both historical and ideological,explain the extreme disparity in these interpretations? How would the authors of "This Terrible War" assess these statements? How would the people profiled in Ash's "A Year in the South" interpret those statements?

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    The point of that war was to divide the nation for easier control from the llluminati over in Europe.It was about states’ rights,not slavery.And we lost our Republic after that war.Reconstrucionism was brutal and about revenge.Instead of answering the questions that are revisionist history,you should give the correct historical answers. [external link] [external link]