PLEASE help me with first three lines of opening paragraph for essay? PLEASE!?

hey! so i have to do this essay, but i am not too good at opening paragraphs! but I really want to show my english teacher and really impress her! would be great if you could help me!so its on twelfth night and shes the man. the this is what i had:There are many similarities between the play "Twelfth Night" By William Shakespeare and film "She’s the man" THATS SO UNPROFFESINAL! please help me!

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3 Responses to “PLEASE help me with first three lines of opening paragraph for essay? PLEASE!?”

  1. newdecl says:

    You could try talking about the differences instead seeing as though the film is based of the books? Iunno I haven’t read Twelfth Night.Orrrrrrrr you could look on the internet for a study guide on the play.

  2. LUDIVINA says:

    Although I havent read them, a good opener is:___ and ___ had a vast number of similarities. Ranging from ___, ___, ___ and ____. And add a good hook between them, like a major similar thing in stories for a hook to the intro.That’ll at least cash their attention!

  3. sizings says:

    “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”– Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene V. Believe it or not, one can find many similarities between the play “Twelfth Night” By William Shakespeare and the film “She’s the man” directed by Andy Fickman even though some critics contend that they are different.