Do I tell my best guy mate I like him ?

Okay so there's this guy I've been sort of friends with since the start of high school. We were never really close, but every time we spoke we got on really well.At the start of this year was the last year at high school (we both go to different colleges now) ..but I was ill so I left school, through illness in about january. I never went back properly, only just to get all my exams done. Well back in about February we got talking a bit more over facbook. But only now and again. But after a bit we realised we had quite a bit in common. so we agreed to swap these games with each other. and to make it easier he have me his number! This was in about june of this year! But we only met so I could give him a game to borrow. BUT sometime in the summer we went through a few days where we got closer through text and stuff. Where he put lots of x's on the end of texts and everything. But then it cut of all off a sudden, I think it was because his girlfriend didn't like him texting girls (he has been going out with her for about a year now) So we didn't talk much after that just now and again, especially when we wanted to swap games again. Okay so couple of months ago we got talking a bit more again, then all of a sudden he broke up with his girlfriend, but then got back together with her after a couple of weeks. Then we didn't speak for a couple of weeks much again, but for the last 4 weeks or so we started talking more, and it gradually built up to where he was texting me nearly everyday! So we have slowly gotten closer ever since we started talking to each other, especially in the last couple of months. He even invited me round his house, and puts quite a few x's on the end of texts which he never would normally do if he's still with his gf. SO yeah we got to the point in the last couple of weeks where we would tell each other everything basically and see each other has best friends! He'd tell me when he's having trouble with his gf, and we even had the talk 'if we ever dated in the future' and stuff like that. and he would basically says thing that proves he thinks a lot of me, by dating if we ever dated in the future, he'd be the luckiest guy and stuff.BUT after texting me basically all day last week, saying good morning and everything. the last few days, after I went round his house, he has hardly text me. SO to sum up, I've gradually grown to really like this guy over the years, and now I really fancy him. we have a lot in common and we have times where he won't app texting me and whatever. but he does have a gf, even though over the last couple of months they keep having times where theyre be getting on at all. Then they are again for a couple of weeks. SO I need to know if, and when, the right time to tell him how I feel about him! because I don't know if I should tell him when he has a girlfriend. and if I did tell him it would be during a time we are talking a lot! Sorry for the essay lol but if anyone could give me any opinions on this I would be grateful :) Should just say we are around the ages 16 & 17 :)

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  1. paces says:

    The only advice i can give you from all this is to tell him. Girlfriend or not tell him how you feel and what you think about him.