Is 4000 words in French more than 4000 words in English?

I'm writing an essay in French, got about 4000 words to go before I'm done, just wondering if anyone thinks 4000 words in French would amount to about the same amount of information as 4000 words in English or if there is a difference.Thanks!

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5 Responses to “Is 4000 words in French more than 4000 words in English?”

  1. sis says:

    Interesting. My guess is that it would be the same. You haven’t got a dual language translation handy to compare lengths? I don’t have one at the moment./p

  2. incurs says:

    It would depend on the words you use. If you shorten words like “I will” becoming “I’ll” then it might be different.

  3. krl-eur says:

    They are pretty much the same on average.

  4. instructing says:

    4000 words in English would be some more content than 4000 words in frenchexample:In English: I am scared because I think he will kill that girl 11 wordsIn French: J’ai peur parce que je pense qu’il tuera ça femme 12 wordsThis is just one example. In most cases a sentence in French would have more words than it’s counter in english. Like in the simple past tense you use the pronoun+auxiliary verb+participle but in English it’s just the pronoun+past participle and for simple future, english will have one more word but for passe recent and futur proche, it’s one more word in French than in English. Also a lot of verbs are present in English but not in french so you have to use être/avoir+ nominal form.

  5. stercophagous says:

    English is the shorter langauge by a considerable amount, it will be shortern than if it was in english