How did trade, religion, and technology influence people to come to America from Europe?

Help this is for an essay can someone help me write a thesis statement plzzzzzz

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  1. arteriostenosis says:

    I would suggest opening a textbook.

  2. ambrose says:

    The Jewish people escaped the Inquisition. Quakers, Puritans, and Pilgrims came for religious freedom.Pirates and Moors attacked the Spanish. Brazilwood, spices, tobacco, sugar, rum, and other goods went to Europe to be sold. The money then gets reinvested to buy more supplies, guns, etc. The Jews were the money lenders. The noblemen relaxed antisemitic practices because without money and loans, the ships aren’t bought, and no travel can take place.Read Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean.

  3. depilation says:

    you really need a whole essay to explain this but in short:trade:- prompted people to look for new things [Christopher Columbus and the route to India]- prompted communication and exploration – trade encouraged exchange of ideas and technologyreligion:- people fervent for a universalizing religion will make an effort to convert other [there are numerous examples of this in history, from the missions the Spanish built (Alamo) to the reason Ethiopia is still a predominantly Christian country]technology:- allows people to go further and do many more things with ease [ships, agriculture, navigation techniques....]