Who is the most justified to engage in battle in the epic poem Beowulf?

I am writing an essay on Beowulf and i need a thesis statement that answers this question. Does anyone have any suggestions? The three choices that you can pick from are: Grendel, Grendel's mom, or Beowulf. Please help!

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  1. editorializes says:

    Grendel – for clarification read the book Grendel by John Gardner or there is a summary here:

  2. uncommiserated says:

    ok i just got done writing a essay on this poem . wow i never thought i would get done . but i can try to help you in any way i can the one i would pick would be Beowulf because as our teacher was say in this period it was all about being that epic hero he showed bravery, courage, strength, in different ways he was more about being the hero and was most justified to a battle

  3. alalonga says:

    If I understand your question correctly, I would say Beowolf is the only one justified in the battle between himself and Grendle because he is not only avenging the murders perpetrated by Grendle but protecting Grendle’s inevitable future victims……hmmm, suddenly that philosophy seems uncomfortably familiar to current events. But the battle between Beowolf and Grendle’s mother may be more justified on both parts because she is acting like most mothers would to the death of her child……anger, hatred and murderous rage with a deep-seated need to avenge that death. The fact that evil comes into play, makes Beowolf’s position more honorable but I could understand where Grendle’s mother was coming from.