How does this essay sound? Please help! 10 points. =]?

10 points to whoever gives the most informative review. Thanks soo much! The bards of Ancient Greece spent their lives traveling around the world exclaiming their tales of love, honor, and strength to every person who would listen. The stories they told had to be able to reach all audiences; every age, gender, and lifestyle (such as farmers or fisherman,) therefore they had to improvise and tweak their ballads with each different audience. Besides having to be aware of their audiences whose lifestyles and or understanding differed from town to town, the bards had to tell stories using oral techniques that would enable the listeners to remember, and enjoy, the sometimes hours long tales. Each bard would use his own style, or persona, to deliver an amusing story, but they all had mainly the same oral devices that enriched the tales and eased the listening. These devices consisted of the following; specific language, familiar phrases, repetition, traditional themes, and improvisation.

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