Can someone help me with this? i dont get it?

im not asking people to do my homework for me or anything, but i just dont get this, can somone explain this to me? what is it asking me to do? what is it asking me to write about?Imagine you are able to travel back in time to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. At this period in American history, known as the Age of Imperialism, the United States looked outward and made territorial acquisition a priority. Different presidents reacted to international events differently.In this assignment, you have the opportunity to compare the foreign policies of the McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson administrations and address the factors that influenced American foreign policy during this era. Directions: For this assignment, complete an outline and comparison essay of 500 to 600 words.thank you.

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  1. retelling says:

    It is asking you to write a comparison essay of the listed presidents as a relates to territorial wars ( i am guessing civil more than international). what was their foreign polocy and what did they do or what were their different polocies regarding bringing more states into the group.