Help me please…I am stuck,,?

I wrote an essay about nashvilles main public library. When i turned in my essay my teacher didn't want it like that. She asked me to describe how ti looks like and what you feel when you enter inside the library. PLEASE HELP ME. i don't know what i am doing wrong. I just need one or two paragraphs. Can you just correct me on what i did wrong, or start me off for at least the first paragraph. Thanks in advance and i appreciate all the help. No rude comments please..The downtown main branch of the Nashville Public Library is a gorgeous building full of books, art displays, Tennessee history, quiet reading rooms, and an inner courtyard just to name a few of the things that make this a special place.The library has three floors; The first floor is mostly the media stuff such as dvd's, movies, and music. The second floor holds a beautiful selection of children books, space to run around a little, and even a puppet show area. There is also a beautiful courtyard were you can take a magazine or a book outside to read. The third floor contains mainly some books, magazines, and even computers with internet access for people to use. The Nashville public library is also a relaxing place where you can go. First, it is a great relaxing place where you can study because it is always quite and the people that come there come to read, study, or to use the computer, so there will not be much noise. Secondly, it is relaxing because the atmosphere is cool and it always calm, there is not a lot of kids running around where as home there is always kids running, or phone ringing, just something that is always distracting and not relaxing. Third, the library is relaxing because even if you didn’t come to study there is a courtyard where you can take a magazine or book to read in the beautiful scenery or you can just sit there to think and enjoy the weather.

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  1. otstott says:

    I think it’s should have got at least a should have just kept it as short as possible,just removea few useless parts it should be an A.peace

  2. unapprehensible says:

    I think you have jumbled too much together in long sentences that overlap.Example.Look at how many times you talk about the courtyard.You spoke about it in two places and you should have addressed it as one.The same applies to the number of relaxing.The lack of making paragraphs makes the reading difficult.

  3. kreshti says:

    I don’t see anything wrong, i think it’s really good(: