Which words BEST describe an analytical essay?

Which words BEST describe an analytical essay? A. explanatory and evaluative B. comparative and descriptive C. interpretive and persuasive D. descriptive and argumentative Which is NOT a component of the introduction to an analytical essay? A. state the topic B. state the evidence C. state the purpose D. state the thesis During an interpretation of information, the writer of an analytical essay A. makes connections to text and research. B. decides which evidence is most important. C. examines all elements of the topic or issue. D. identifies the best organizational structure. Which of the following correctly describes an analytical essay? A. It discusses or describes a specific aspect of a topic. B. It explains the what, why, and how of an event or experience. C. It provides descriptions that are similar or different among two objects. D. It breaks down a topic, evaluates the parts, and presents an evaluation. Which of the following is NOT a component of the analytical essay? A. It begins with a short summary. B. It focuses on a single, life-altering event. C. It identifies the subject to be analyzed. D. It includes a clear thesis statement. Which sentence from an analytical essay contains a gerund used as a direct object? A. Traveling satisfied the hero's need to escape realism. B. The main character, on the other hand, is accused of stealing. C. Being accepted to Harvard was the protagonist's main goal. D. Clearly, the heroine did not appreciate the raging of the hero.

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