Relationship is going to pot, please help!?

Me and the girl I am seeing right now are having troubles. I am going away for a few months soon and feel pretty insecure about what will happen. I wanted to be with this girl and I wanted to spend my life with her but now I am not so sure. We have had an unusual start to our relationship, we basically consoled each other over breakups we were both going through. I did hold onto my old relationship for a long time and I sometimes think she is angry at that. We have seen each other for around 2 years.Recently she comes in from going out and just locks her door without saying goodnight; she also leaves for a night out without saying goodbye (We live next door to each other in same building). She never used to do this but now it is more often than not. When I bring these things up she says it is controlling of me to ask that she does these things or that I am being needy. I’m really confused, she says she wants space but then asks me to walk her and her friend to the bus stop or texts me nice messages saying she misses me. I admit I am no angel and get angry because if she wants space then she should do that, I feel like she is messing me about. A male friend of hers is meant to be moving in to my room while I am away, I met him the other day and my girl at dinner with him in her room while I was working on an essay, she said she would call me in for tea, it got to midnight and still no sign so I knocked on the door and she was in dressing gown coming out the bedroom and he was in the toilet. I was a bit freaked and walked out, she told me he was staying over as it was late and sorry about the tea. I do believe her about that. I just feel that in the morning she could have come in and made a fuss of me as most people would feel insecure about the fact the guy replacing you is sleeping in your girls room. She didn’t do that and just knocked on my door as they both left for work and said a bye without a hug or anything. When I told her about my insecurities she said it makes her feel she can’t even hang out with friends which I think is pretty insensitive.I have exams before I go away and wanted to see her so I asked if we could plan something after exams and before I go away and I could book my ticket for a week later, but she said not to make my plans around her and said ‘what if my family needs me or my friends or her work’ and said that it was very pressurizing to ask her to commit to that. That I really interpreted as I am not important to her. I get torn between wanting to give her space and thinking that she should be more caring.Yesterday I sent a text saying she has been pushing me away for too long and I wanted to end it, I didn’t want to but felt I had to as a display of strength I guess. But I admit I got scared then sent messages just saying I was in a lot of pain and please can we just sort it out and talk. She ignored me all day which really makes me crazy so I admit that I sent WAY too many texts. Yesterday she told me she didn’t love me anymore as I have taken everything from her. I am just emotionally charged over the whole thing and trying to be patient and understanding but I feel she is just running away. I am seeing her Saturday for a talk but not sure what to do and whether to go or not. I want to just cut her out but it hurts me too much to do that, I can’t understand how she does it so easily. Advice and Understanding please

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2 Responses to “Relationship is going to pot, please help!?”

  1. decemvirate says:

    This girl is toying with your emotions. Believe me, when I say so. I completely understand when a girl just pushes you away like that, and it pisses me off that she would do that, manipulating some guy, like a harlot. I had that lesson in life when i dated a girl for 3 years, and she thought i was being controlling because i was worried for her. But I can still see you deeply care for her, it being this difficult for you to cut her out of your life. This is a time when you need to pray to God, and ask Him to take care of you. Believe me, when I say that He gave me peace about ideas. This is not just advice, but these are instructions for you to find peace in your life. If she doesn’t love you, then that’s it. Be a man, and talk to God. He’ll see you through.

  2. sporters says:

    i think you should go and talk to herbut no matter what you guys should end itcause you guys are really not that happy with eachother if you really need somebody to talk to then stay friends with her but dont do anything elseand so you know this is to long and so alot of people wont actually read all of itat first when i read it til the end i thought wow they should just break up