Can someone please proof read my essay part 2?

Throughout history, mankind has discovered and created great innovations. The power to fuel these innovations is essentially given through oil. The extraction of Crude oil has created petroleum, kerosene, and fuel oil, along with others, which are used in advanced technologies such as cars, rockets, and airplanes. If the extraction of oil were to be banned suddenly due to strong opposition, our lives would change drastically and many people would not be able to suffer the repercussions due to the fact that they completely rely on the use of fuel to fulfill their everyday tasks. The use of oil for things such as technology has become very important to us but crude oil also produces products on smaller scales. This includes candle wax, plastics, washing powder, and fragrances that create solutions for reoccurring problems that we face repeatedly in our daily routines. The Alberta Oil Sands have such an abundance of jobs that, along with Canadians, foreigners residing in Canada have also been able to get jobs. Current operations are supported by more than 5,000 employees and 1,500 contractors. The Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) completed a study of Alberta’s oil sands and their effects on employment. The report showed that in the year 2010, 80,000 American jobs were supported by the existing oil sands projects. The Keystone XL pipeline alone is capable of supporting up to 85,000 jobs in the year 2020. If pipelines continue to be constructed, the oil sands could support up 600,000 American jobs by the year 2035 in addition to numerous Canadian jobs. In Canada alone, oil sands effect jobs of 100,000 people. By the year 2020, the industry is expected to create an estimated $3 trillion worth of gross domestic product that will certainly be advantageous for Canada. The workforce is generally inter-connected through the duties they perform and, so, if the Oil industry were to shut down, people all over the country would lose jobs. For instance, Truckers who transport oil will no longer have any work due to the fact that there will be nothing to transport. Ontario and Quebec, known as the manufacturing hubs of Canada, will have many unemployed people due to the fact that if no oil is produced, cars are useless. In conclusion, if the usage of oil sands is hindered, the Canadian economy will face a huge blow along with the countries that it provides oil to, including the United States of America. As technology is improved, so are the oil sands and, hopefully, this will contribute to a greener future. The innovations and economic stability that are provided due to the oil sands will prove to be beneficial for future generations.

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    Don’t you read your own stuff? If you did you might notice that it’s hard to follow a line from one side of the page to the other without a blank line between paragraphs. Paper is cheap — leave some of it blank.You might also notice that you have capitalized random words. Find those and correct them before anybody else sees them. Another reason you want to read your own stuff is to notice that some parts just don’t sound right. For instance your first sentence doesn’t say anything. You don’t discover things that you create, and you don’t create things that you discover, and neither of those words applies to innovation. They are three independent actions with different meanings.All in all you have a wonderful paper for an eighth grader. Not too bad for a high school junior. Borderline for a senior.