Help With Religion Essay Please!?

Essay Question - What was life like for people in the time of Jesus’ ministry? Describe the political, cultural and religious dimensions of the well as addressing...Principal events in Jesus’ life Why Jesus is the model for Christians. If anyone has any websites or can help in any way it would be much appreciated. Thank u!

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  1. bass says:

    There are many ways to categorize religion experiences, they can be viewed as episodes out of the ordinary or as a message from the all mighty. A religious experience can be encounter through perceptions, sensations and any type of illusions or dreams. A religious experience can also be considered to have a interconnection with ones experiences, adjoined by a religious belief. Meaning that it could be refereed to any joyful event or any frightful moment that a person might view in a religious context. However, there can be many ways of observing our perceptions of life. Some people may live their lives according to the way they were brought up, while others may take life easy. Some people also live out their days in a way that they believe that God will reward them. Perhaps because of some past experience they have came upon. They begin to live out a new life, a lfe that begins to shape into God’s. According to christianity and other religions practices god is always a part of our lives and trying to communicate in any unpredictable forms. A religious experienceis an extraordinary spiritual occurrence that connect us with god. It is related to episodes that we encounter in our lives. This is a interconnection of one’s experience, adjoined by a religious belief. Meaning that it could be any joyful event or any fearful moment that a person might view in a religious dependence. For instance, perceptions, sensations, illusions and dreams, that we discover in our impression, plays an important role in having discover this experience. The perception is grasping all existence around us according to events objects, people and other aspects of the world. There are many ways of viewing our perceptions of life. We perceive awareness with our sense such as seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling, Through perception we are able to belive that in the end of our path we will have someone waiting for us, someone who will lead us to a better place full of endless happiness and harmony. Although, many people may view this as a violation of nature. But the truth about nature no one can really appeal to a natural law. When a event out of the ordinary takes place in our lives, it is usually through a form of our senses. For example, if a person has a terrible illness that can not be cured, and all of a sudden he or she is cured. Many peole will being to imagine that it was a miracle done by God.

  2. operand's says:

    I don’t know of any curriculum that would teach this unless it’s at a catholic school or such. Even sunday school doesn’t teach this. You’ll have to refer to the guide book they issued you or accept blind guesses from everyone here