I need help to find CREDIBLE online sources for my major research essay. Find topic inside.?

Please, I need to find a few more sources to include in my essay. The sources must be credible and legitimate (no blogs, wikipedia, forums etc.) Newspaper/magazine articles that can be found online are fine as well.Here is my topic:Media: Does the Internet mark the beginning of the end for conventional television broadcasting? Thanks in advance for all the help

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3 Responses to “I need help to find CREDIBLE online sources for my major research essay. Find topic inside.?”

  1. enablement says:

    go to google newspaper

  2. xcnoent says:

    I would start with electronic journals or publications in University library.

  3. gust says:

    TV vs. the Internet: Internet wins/Author: Phil Cogar/Published: 23rd August 2007 [external link] …This is a bib list of journals and articles, many will be on the internet and all should be accessible on a academic library network [external link] …the references below are actual articles on internet