Help on essay (Civil War)?

I have to write an essay about how the compromises delayed the Civil War. I have to use the Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Compromise of 1850. I also have to include slavery and popular sovereignty, but I don't need help on that. I can't really find basic reasons for why it was delayed to put in my thesis. I have one but I'm not sure if it's good enough. I put "The compromises played a major part in delaying the Civil War because government officials could not agree with what they wanted the states to do,..." and now I can't think of anything. Help, please?

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  1. japishness says:

    Essays are usually 5 paragraphs long in Middle-High School. It helps if you separate each paragraph out into sections.First paragraph should be introductory, meaning a brief overview of what you’ll be saying in your essay, starting with your thesis statement.2nd should be, say, the Missouri Compromise. Tell what you know about it, and how it helped to delay the Civil War. Paragraphs are usually 5-7 good, solid sentences.3rd, Let’s go with the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Do the same as before, and there should be more information on this than the Missouri Compromise, so you could probably stretch this to 2 paragraphs if you really wanted to.4th should be the Compromise of 1850.And your last paragraph should be a conclusion, summarizing everything you said, and then restating your thesis.