Need interesting/catchy title for essay on: if vaccinations should be mandatory for children to enter school?

I would like a interesting or catchey title for my research paper. It is about whether mandatroy vaccinations should be required before children can attend school.

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2 Responses to “Need interesting/catchy title for essay on: if vaccinations should be mandatory for children to enter school?”

  1. sukkah says:

    how about,Are mandatory school vaccinations a step towards fascism?OrIs there a case for mandatory school vaccinations in the ‘Land Of The Free’?.you could talk about how forced vaccinations are against international law ( the nuremburg accords).How this mandatory demand in order to enter school is legislation by the back door,how people’s rights are effected. You could also mention how the herd immunity theory which originally concerned natural immunity passed on through breeding and was 40%; was hijacked into an excuse for this.

  2. christab says:

    How about you start with question, with a lot of emotion and such? Begin with something along the lines of “Do you think that mandatory vaccinations should be required before children can attend school?” and add some more interesting facts about mandatory and such. Also, for your title (I forgot it was title, I’m sorry) try something short. It irritates me if it’s a long title, and I get bored before long. Another thing you can try is re-read your essay, and see if it sparks up any inspirations for a title.