College Questions for a easy ten questions?

Read each one carefullyI have 45 credits transferred to another school to the one that I am transferring so, I am on the Sophomore status rather than the first years student status. Now my question is because I want to take East Asian Studies and Women's Studies will I have to brush up on my Japanese speaking skills because it states for East Asian Studies that I need a three year level of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I learned Japanese in school a total of five years worth but, haven't used it since graduation so, should I brush up on that skill as well.My second question is I have to write a one page paper or essay why I want to Study East Asian Studies and Women's Studies. The problem is I do not know how many words one page is and, I do not know how to make it intelligent because I am doing this to be an advocate to women from other countries mostly East Asia being traffic in the sex trade industry because they have human rights. So far I went to a education consultant and they keep sending it back with no suggestions so, I need help on that.Third question will they need my SAT and ACT scores or some other form of standardize test scores because they do give placement examines so, should I do it or not.Fourth what is a mid-term report? They told me that they needed a mid-term report so, what is that or do I request that from the school?Other than that they have my High School transcripts, my College transcripts, Application fee and, College essay about a topic of what I plan to major in. So if I get that all done by December 1 I can enroll in January but, I want to know which one will take the longest. So give me some suggestions to speed up the process because I am not lazy just doing this by myself since neither parent is really supportive.

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    As for the first part, I would say you would probably have to brush up on those skills.As for the second, It really depends on what font size you use and how you space it. Most often you would use a font like Times New Roman at 12pt, but you could also use any other plain font(something easy to read). I would suggest single or 1.5 space for the essay (double-spacing is around 300 words). I think those would put it around 400-600 words. As for making it intelligent-sounding, you could try doing some research on the topic or quoting famous people who spoke out against these issues.Yes, they will probably need a standardized test score; it’s how they compare you to the other applicants. More colleges prefer the SAT over the ACT, but I have yet to see one refusing to take either in favor of the other. I think the ACT would probably be easier. A Mid-term report is just a report of your grades at the mid-semester point.I think the essay would probably take the longest since you’ll want to be very meticulous with that. Have several people look it over for clarity and grammar to ensure it is your best work. If you plan on doing a lot,test prep would probably also take quite a bit of time, but if you feel confident it doesn’t have to.