Is this a good introduction for my essay?

Does it show what I'm trying to talk about? What should I change or correct?"William Shakespeare once said, "God has given you a face, and you make yourself another. " Generally it’s quite difficult for one to be himself when society does (at most times) accept one for being unique. As a result we are forced to change our image, personality and actions to belong and be accepted by others. In Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese these are all proven through the characters of: Monkey King, Jing Wang, and Chin-kee, who all face difficult challenges in search of their true selves. "

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  1. wroobel says:

    i think this is very interesting introduction for an essay

  2. clinton says:

    Why don’t you post this in the English/Literature/Writing section?

  3. beynart says:

    i think so you might want to make more of an intro when you shift from shakepeare to gene luen.

  4. jeramey says:

    yes its a very nice intro. keep it