Is this paragraph for my essay alright? PLEASE read, its not very long . . . .?

I'm writing a compare/contrast essay on Eric Clapton and Billy Joel and explaining why I love Clapton more. My three points (or criteria) are lyrics, style, and passion. This one is about the lyrics. One reason why I love these two artists so much is the profoundness of their lyrics. Eric Clapton has a talent that most people do not possess, and that is the way he conveys his emotions through song. His sincerity in his music is so impressive because most people, including myself, have a difficult time rightfully expressing emotions. Eric Clapton’s music gives me chills, and it reminds me why I have such a passion for music. Being able to reach out to people and capture them by the heart is what all musicians long to do. I love the fact that it is so easy to respect an artist whose music I love so much. Billy Joel is extremely similar to Clapton in this way. His music has a depth to it that most musicians have never achieved. Joel’s music is not about sex or drugs; he sings about personal experiences, special places that inspire him, and true love. However, my emotional connection with Eric Clapton is much greater than my connection to Billy Joel. I feel Clapton’s lyrics more; it is almost like he knows exactly how I am feeling and what I am experiencing. He has had his share of hardships, and that is why I feel like I can relate to him in a way I relate to few other musicians.

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    It is really good. I would not put on the contrary in it i didn’t see anything that needed changed.