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Here are the details of this Essay Test. The 1st person that writes a good essay, will get 10points.!1. Please write a brief persuasive essay using the below:(A) Imagine you have just been given a small pizza restaurant near a public beach. You see opportunities for building the business if you could get more traffic to the beach.(B) Decide what your city could do to attract more people to the beach.(C) Now write a letter to the editor of your local paper to convince your readers that the city should act up your ideas.There is NO set amount of words, nor is there any specifics. I need something solid!

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    Suggestions for increasing business to your restaurant:Advertising on TVMailing out fliers about the restaurant, with couponsImprove the roads for more traffic around the areaMake easy access to the restaurant from the road. Easy to get in and out.Make the beach area more attractiveGive free balloons to the kids who come to eat.Make the pizzas from good productsGive the pizza place a great nameOffer free delivery to begin withReasons people should get behind your idea:It will bring in tourist tradeIt will bring in more business to the cityIt will provide a place for people to bring their familiesPizza is a food that everyone likes