History help.Who, what ,when,where and why?

Hellow. OKAY so I have 3 esays to write only 1 of them will be on my test. Now I'm not trying to cheat or anything but I have spent 2 days trying to find the answers in my book but I cant so I was wondering if all of you here at yahoo could give a collage student a hand? Each essay will have 5 questions. If you do know the answer pleses tell me which essay and whics question your answering. Also, let me know if your not 100% sure of your answer. so here we go The first Esay will be on (Early Colonial Era, 1585 to1753)1.Describe the motivation behind the inital settlement of the New World by the nation-states of England and France.2. How did these respective nation-states go about the task of colonizing the New World?3.More inportantly, how did thet react to the Native American populations in their respective spheres of influence4.What tactics did england and France employ in dealing with the Native American populations?5.Finally, what were the consequences of their respective strategies? The second Essay is (The French and Indian War, 1754 to 1763)1.Describe the motivations and causes of the conglict between the British Empire and her Colonial pessessions in North America with hte kingsome of France.2.How did this conflict begin and what was the mahor source of contention between the two powers? 3.Provide, in detail, the stages of the conflict from the beginning of the war to the conclusion.4.What was the mahor strategy debate which tool placve among the political amd military leadership of France and what were the consequences of that debate?5.Finally, describe the conclusion of the war. Who won the conflict and what was the outcome of that victory? Then finally the thurd essay. (Pre-Revolutionary Era, 1763 to 1775)1. Describe the motications and causes of the conflict between the British Empire and their American Colonies which lead the American Revolution.2.Provide details of the nature of the conflict, what the conflict was over, and the dfforts to reach some sort of settlement.3.What were some of the methods by which the Americans broadcast their grievances and political views during this time perioud?4.Furthermore, in your opinion, did the Founding Fathers truley want a revolution? Explain why/why not.5.Finally, in your opinion, could the american Revolution have been avoided. Provide evidence for your argument. Thats it so I hope you all can help me and I will continu to study and find answers to these questions as well. THANK YOU :)

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  1. clogger says:

    Dude don’t use the internet to do an essay or your just going to fail in life. JUST DO IT YOURSELF!

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    really you can’t find ANY of these? i can answers these from my head. go to hippocampus.com and click on US History. Everything is in chronological order just for you.