Do Americans say grand for a thousand dollars?

I was just wondering how the Northern Americans say certain amounts of money. I am trying to write an essay and in it I wrote a price as Two Grand ($2000, I hope) when I mean Two Thousand Dollars and I was wondering if that was correct or if I have made up a new way of speaking for my American characters.Please help me to correct my mistake, if there is one, or to just put my mind at ease. Also, if there are any more common Northern American phrases or slang I would like to hear them, as well as other nicknames for money.Thanks.

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13 Responses to “Do Americans say grand for a thousand dollars?”

  1. sedilium says:

    Not everyone, but those who do use is do say it that way.

  2. lynched says:


  3. unmuzzling says:

    not every one says it that way, but yes a grand is the same as a thousandactually by definition, it suggests a magnitude, not neseccarliy a thousand, but a thousand is common usage.

  4. jeoparding says:

    yes its right

  5. mhsnews says:

    Yeahh we say grand. and sometimes 2kwe also would say it like two-thousand bucks. also, $1500 would be like one-thousand five hundred or fifteen hundred. [bucks]

  6. plasmaphereses says:

    Yes, a grand is a thousand dollars. Or, instead of two grand, you can just use 2 g (two jee).

  7. cubiculum says:

    Sounds right to me.

  8. vincente says:

    Money= dough, bread, mullah.Dollars = greenbacks, bucksalso: [external link] …

  9. propulsity says:

    Yes, they do. The USA is where the practice of refering to a thousand as ‘a grand’ originated. They also say 2 g’s.

  10. rodolfo says:

    Yes, we say “grand” and also “large” to refer to increments of money in thousands. ie. fifty grand, twenty large, etc.It’s much easier than saying “thirty giant buckets of shrimp in tartar sauce” so we phased that one out.

  11. dehorn says:


  12. sculptography says:

    yuppers its just kinda like a slang term and its more commonly used in the states but either can be used, like in fear factor they ALWAYS say 50 grand instead of thousand but if this is a formal essay you might want to say thousand because it might be considered conventionally incorrect :P

  13. fortieth says:

    Some used to, and maybe some still do, but I haven’t heard it for a LONG time! I doubt that bankers or professional people ever used the term very much. However, I do occasionally still hear a one hundred dollar bill referred to as a C-note. You’d probably do better to avoid giving your writing color by using such “Americanisms.’ They can very easily be overdone, the way British writers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries used to make their American characters begin almost every sentence with “I guess.”