A narrative essay should stick with the event or the thesis?

I am an ESL student. Today is my first time to write a narrative essay in class and I find that I am confused about the purpose of a narrative essay. To my mind, a narrative essay should be a life story that talks about a particular lesson(thesis) which the author wants to demonstrate to his audience. However, which one, the story or the thesis, is more important in account? I ask this question because I consider that there is a portion from my story appears to be very sensational but have only little effect on demonstrating the lesson. On the other hand, I thought that portion can bring my audience into the mood that I was situated at that moment in my life, then, I hope, they can sympathize why and how I learn that leeson. Should I keep this portion from my essay? (consider that is only a one-to-two pages essay)

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  1. cumhole says:

    I always found that the more you can tie in actual everyday living experiences with the audience you are best. Good luck.