Help on understanding my writing prompt, I don’t understand, please help?

my prompt is "Write an essay that explains several of the devices employed by bards when reciting oral poetry before an audience. Give a name to each device, explain the purpose each serves, and provide an example from Homer's Odyssey for each (the examples do not need to include quotations). " I don't understand what they mean by "devices" would that mean something like vocal projection and memorization?

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2 Responses to “Help on understanding my writing prompt, I don’t understand, please help?”

  1. hursinghar says:

    i think you should write about rhetorical device (or plot device). it is about how to attract an audience

  2. STE-NET says:

    translation: what did bards do in order to gain and keep an audience’s attention when they recited oral poetry. Devices: a particular word pattern, figure of speech, combination of word sounds, etc., used in a literary work to evoke a desired effect or arouse a desired reaction in the reader ex. rhetorical devices.