How to write an essay about yourself?

I am supposed to write a personal statement, talking about myself and my personality, my academic goals and objectives, hobbies and interests, i have alot to say but I don't know how to start, any tips? thanks alot

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  1. uphrrmk says:

    Yes! Omfg. I had to do that for AVID and english! It was like 5 paragraphs for the english and 7 paragraphs for AVID.All that stuff you wrote down is everything you need to write about.How to start it you should jst say my name it ____ and im __. I was born on __ and raised in _____. Yea thats all i can think of, jst continue to it. Lol.

  2. birdikin says:

    Are you sure you have to write about ALL of that in one personal statement or were they just laying out the options for you? Okay, I’m going to assume those were just options since that seems more likely but I would say talk about something that is first, easy to talk about, second, something you would definitely want the admissions committee to know about you, and third, something that makes you different from all the other applicants. I’m doing my college essays right now too and most of them are my unique experiences and how I was able to overcome these. You know, I’ve heard of one girl that wrote her personal statement about the way she sneezes because nobody else does it like her. Uniqueness captures attention (oh yeah, it should definitely written be in a style that captures the reader’s attention too even if it’s just a plain, “boring” topic) and a “normal” is just a complete bore. But remember, you just have to make the writing sound interesting and unique, even if it’s the most boring topic. “A good writer can make any topic interesting, and a weak writer can make even the most dramatic topic a bore.”Edit:Not to bash on the answerer above me but absolutely DO NOT start your essay like that. This is something completely different from an English paper like that. They already know your name and your birthday from the beginning of the application. That does not capture attention at all and the admissions officer might just decide to not even read your essay anymore if it just starts out with a sentence like that. The whole point of the personal statement is to talk about information that the admissions committee does not know about you from something that they cannot find in other parts of your application.