Proof Read my essay? 10 points?

Discuss how involved you been with your community. Describe why community is or is not important to you. Give examples of playing leadership role in your community.I’m very involved with my community in various ways. I attend and organize community watch meetings every month. Everyone should feel safe in their community and being a part of the watch meetings is very rewarding. I’m currently an Election Judge for the Board of Elections. I love this job because it’s in my community and I get to meet more of my neighbors. I also volunteer at my local community park every summer by picking up trash and organizing neighborhood events held at the park. I’ve made this a tradition with my niece Princess and we look forward to it every year. It’s important to give back we are blessed with what we have so we need to acknowledge where you came from. Community involvement improves the quality of the people in the neighborhood. There are so many people who can benefit from simple generosity and time. Your neighborhood should be clean because when your community is clean it feels more welcoming to others. I often pick up trash and recently we added two need trash cans on each street in the neighborhood . Important resources should also be available such as bookstores, grocery stores, convenient stores, pharmacy, and job resources. These are important things that most people will need on regular bases. Making these resources available will make the community more assessable and attract more traffic. The more traffic to a neighborhood will increase the communities’ income. Your community says many things about you as a person which should increase your motivation to treat our neighborhood with respect. Being very close to your neighbors is also beneficial. You may need them to watch over your house or participate in a social gathering you may have. The definition of community reads " A group of people living together in one place, especially one practicing common ownership." In order for a community to be civil the people in it should be caring and supportive of each other. Community involvement should be a group effort and it’s very important to get outside and be active in your community because a little effort could go a long way

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    Put a comma before and in “…because it’s in my community, and I get to meet more of my neighbors….” Joining two sentences. In “…It’s important to give back we are blessed with…” either put the word “and” between “back” and “we” or a period to make two separate sentences. “…I often pick up trash and recently we added two need trash cans…” Comma after trash because you’re joining two sentences and I would suggest changing need to necessary because it sounds less awkward. Or much needed instead of just need”…Should increase your motivation to treat our neighborhood with respect…” I think you want Your instead of our (:”…. should be a group effort and it’s very important….” Comma before and (:Other than those, very good! Good reasons too!