East of Eden essay (does this meet requirements-best answer)?

My teacher said to 'write about a character's characteristics and motivations. INTERPRET! Ignore that there is no intro paragraph-I'm working on that--------Cal Trask has distinguishing characteristics than that of his brother Aron. While Aron is seen as a small, angelic being, Cal strikes people as the polar opposite of Aron. As Steinbeck states "He was bigger than his brother…Cal’s eyes were brown and watchful" (336). Repeatedly the reader is told that Cal resembles his father more than Aron, who is much paler and delicate. As Cal grew he became "dark-skinned and dark-haired" (421). People’s first impressions of Cal are also different than those of Aron. Even since they were barely a year old, Samuel Hamilton declared, looking at baby Cal "This one will be strewed, I think" (264), while saying that Aron appears to be more like a bullet, strong and willed. As Call grows up, people also treat him differently because of their first impressions of him. "No one liked him much, yet everyone was touched with fear of him" (421). Cal had to hide his hurt and sadness from people’s notion of him, after all "he was regarded as thick-skinned and insensitive" (422). When Aron was thought of the embodiment of good, what was left was for Cal to be evil. The consequences of people’s attitude of Cal results in him feeling inferior to his brother and unloved. Cal’s motivations were driven by the fact he wanted to be loved. "From his first memory, Cal had craved warmth and affection" (444). Cal knew he was substandard compared to his brother. He tried to exploit people for preferring Aron, despite his love for his bother. When that didn’t work, he did what he only knew. In attempt to get people to notice him, he acted like Aron and behaved like him. He wished to be loved as Aron was loved. Yet his plan did not work out, "Cal was rebuffed for doing or saying exactly the same thing. What seemed charming from Aron was suspicious in dark-faced, slit-eyed Cal" (422). While his choice to mimic his brother was not a wise one, it is understandable because this is the only way he believed would give him recognition. Cal was forced to do what his father had done before him, "he built a wall of self-sufficiency around himself" (444). No one can blame Cal for withdrawing himself. Even his own brother and girlfriend didn’t want him. Cal became jealous, and "had to learn loneliness" (442). The reader takes pity upon Cal, knowing what it is like to be forgotten for only a moment. When they were younger, Cal prayed to God for a solution to his pain, "Dear Lord, let me be like Aron. Don’t make me bad. I’d give anything in the world. I don’t want to be lonely" (379).Later in life, what compels Cal to lead a moral life is the principle of timshel. When confronting Lee on who his mother really is, he wonders if he is doomed to live a life like her. Lee tells him to take it back, "whatever you do, it will be you who do it-not your mother" (449). Cal struggles to learn that he has the choice to choose his own path. He ultimately accepts this idea when he confronts his mother and firmly declares "I’m my own. I don’t have to be you" (466). In the novel, Cal grows up to be the embodiment of free-will, despite his struggling child-hood. Finally Cal learns that the right way to go through life is not by trying to be someone else, but by realizing that he controls how he lives.Cal Trask is one of the most complex and remarkable character in East of Eden. His characteristics shape his motivations. Because of how he is viewed, one can interpret that is the reason people reject him and he is left unloved. His brother is also, partly, to blame for the lack of adoration of Cal. He is relatable to the reader, as one can identify with being left out at least once in life. The reader draws pity for Cal, as he faces so much rejection in life. Yet, because of the help of Lee and the principle of Timshel, Cal learns he is not constrained to his family’s history. This makes Cal favorable in the eyes of the reader. Cal was able to overcome the fixed perception of him. His character, while seemingly a tricky and harsh boy, is full of self-determination, which impel him to live his life as his own, despite the great oppositions he faces.

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