Foreign Language Education?

The question is why should American students be required to take foreign language courses in high school. So one of my reasons is "knowledge of a second language is critical for a future career or job in our growing and constantly changing society"What i need help on is adding on to my persuasive essay's part of future job.I feeling like im missing something or how i could add for information this this. This is what i have so far: Throughout the US, there is a great need for individuals with proficiency in languages other than English. According to Brecht and River study (2000), that need for such individuals has never been higher. Hence, the purpose of leaning a 2nd language is now critical for a future career or job. With the changes the US is constantly undergoing, it’s necessary to change with it. Foreign language is just one of those changes that are an influence on the possibility of a future life. Having a foreign language education in high school introduces a student to a new language to be better prepared for the up coming future. With such a promising language education…(I feel like i need to add something here too)….Since most occupations require the knowledge of a language other that English in the US, students have to adapt to this change and become familiar with a new language.

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  1. monotonical says:

    Wow! While it would be wonderful if everyone could speak another language but this is a great overstatement. The truth is that the reason that most people except for immigrants do not speak another language in this country is because it is rarely needed. Most certainly “most ocfupations require the knowledge of a language other than English in the US” is not true. Putting untruths in an essay does not make it persuasive.