Im 18 years old and feel so lost because i dont know what i want as a career?

hi im 18yrs old and a freshman in college, my parents keep on pressuring me to pick what im going to focus on in life as a careerthey say that i have to know by next week cuz thats when class registration beginsthe problem is that i dont know, i tell them something in the medical field but they want specificsi dont even know if i wanna do medicine, idk if i can wake up n do that everydayeither way i say that just to get them off my backs idk what to tell them so that they can understand that i need explore my optionshow can i say this?i also myself feel like im floating around with no direction but i dont wanna pick right now and then 5 yrs down the road realize that career i picked is wrong for me or find a better option and have to start overhave you been thru this? how did you handle it?well i guess ill tell you things that i like maybe you can give me some career option- im like math cuz im good at it-i love art altho im not super good-i like the idea of doing something good for the world like help ppl or stop corruption-love conspiracy theories- dont like english like writing essays n reading-enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and playing geography games like drag n drop a certain country on a map-have a good memory-love psychology and learning how ppl think (i heard its extremely difficult to get a job in that field)- i like editing videos and pictures, im not super goodif you could help me i would really appreciate it thanks c:

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2 Responses to “Im 18 years old and feel so lost because i dont know what i want as a career?”

  1. Hydrophora says:

    join the military

  2. handloom says:

    talk to school counselorsdon’t go to school and get a job