Need help with emotive language ASAP please?

I have my personal reflection essay due tomorrow and we have to reflect on different texts and how they make us feel, but my teacher said i havnt used enough emotive language. could you please give me a list of all the different emotive words you can think of? words that effect you emotions? thankyou soooooo much :D 10 points to the best answer or most words :D have a great night!

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5 Responses to “Need help with emotive language ASAP please?”

  1. baylson says:

    you must be using words describing your emotions Everyday ! just think back ….I feel like … or I feel …. try completing these sentences & you will have your answer. eg. laughing, crying, sobbing, nostalgic, nauseous, scared, bewildered, awed, relaxed, cool, hot, ‘under the weather’ or ill, ailing, scarred, lifeless, comatose, lively, perky, pesty, pretty, beautiful, handsome, hep, exhilarated, ‘down in the dumps’, peppy, confused, at peace, serene, ……..all the best

  2. souled says:

    Heartbreaking, agonizing, frightening, awesome, hilarious, delicious, morbidity, gruesome, tear-jerking, hair-pulling, alarming, petrifying, melancholy, wretched,dejected, laughter, tears, joy, delight, ecstacy,euphoria, panic, trembling, shuddering, butterflies, hysterical, side-splitting, powerful.

  3. admiral's says:

    Emotive language has to evoke a response from the reader. When your teacher said you haven’t used enough emotive language, she meant your words did not convey your feelings well enough. Instead of just using words like happy, sad, frightened or disgusted, elaborate a bit eg: (A scary text) I found the text …….. truly frightening, the second paragraph in particular caused the hair on the back of my arms to stand up and I had to check the lock on my window was secure, before I could read on. Describe not only how the text makes you feel, but also the physical responses you have when you feel the way you do (eyes filling with tears, heart skipping a beat, soothing my soul, etc)Hope this helps :)

  4. outlet says:

    The use of buzzwords and hitting people where they live, all boils down to guts. Hiding behind “social distance” whether in print or any other way, is a temptation which prevents one from “living” under the promise “nothing ventured nothing lost”. Take a chance. You are guaranteed to never be completely right all the time, but it is correct to try to reach others, knowing that this is the nature of the situation, that missteps are part of the entertainment! Go for it! Rattle a cage or two! Regards, Larry.

  5. STL-MSD says:

    emotive as in emotions um well here are some emotionshappy gratefulsadangrydisappointedfear fullmaddiscouragingunderstandingthankfulunhappycaringdifficultconfusedantisocial misleading greatgoodnicebadawesomewonderfulterribleperfectsickening graceful meaningfulmisunderstoodhopefully prettyencuragingprepypeacefuluglystupidembarassedflirtyunhappelyfat buetifullpoori hope i helped!