I need help with a closing paragraph for my American value essay. Please Help!?

I for one consider a positive Education to be a positive value here in America. As an American, we have the right to choose our own education Americans can pick whatever college they want to join and how long they want to be there. They can choose what particular classes they want or what major they select. Education is a significant value in America because without it you would not be capable towards grasping a career, which is necessary to survive in the American culture. Unfortunately, capitalism remains a negative value here in America. There remains not one value any more, mainly in corporations. Things wear out earlier so you will have to buy them more often, generating extra money for corporations. Money controls the world, sad to say but some people cannot afford to eat food. It makes me sick that money rules and people do not matter. Governments could do something about it if they wanted too, but they do not since corporations do pay them. Therefore having an Education is important for many reasons. Education through high school is necessary to learn the basic skills to help you thrive in life personally, socially and mentally. The foremost purpose for a college education is that the further education you acquire, the enhanced your prospects are in the job market. Learning new things and gaining new skills can only enhance your life.

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    we find it good and correct. [one - to survive in the American society].