Can Someone Help me on how to write an reflective essay for my english class?

the teacher gave us four questions to answer in our paper which where 1.)Of the essays in your portfolio, which is the best essay and why?2.)Of the essays in your portfolio, which is the weakest, and why?3.)Given more time to work on these essays, what might you do to improve them?Focusing specifically on your synthesis argument, describe your processes of collecting information, drafting, and revising. You should discuss how you sought sources to include within this essay, how you made decisions about what to include or exclude, how you decided how to organize your writing, and what changes you made after receiving feedback on drafts (including feedback both from your instructor and your peers). Offer specific examples of revisions that you made, and explain how/why those revisions strengthen your essay.I just need help on how i should make this sound really good because this is my second time taking this class and tis essay can make or break me.. i just need help on how to say things and make sense

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  1. Phragmocyttares says:

    1. This essay is my best because: I enjoyed writing it, it took me the longest, I put the most effort into this essay and I’m proud of my work2. This essay is the weakest (opposite if reasons above)

  2. decentered says:

    A reflective essay is an exploration of a topic using personal thought & experience. By using the topic at hand as a springboard, a writer can reflect on world events, personal history, emotional experience of objective fact. The goal of the reflective essay is ultimately to weave together reflections in a way that conveys a new thought to the reader.You can do this, You have all the information that your teacher gave you. Good luck!