Tess of the d’urberville?!?!?!?

Who is John Durbeyfield?What news does Parson Tringham give Durbeyfield?How does Durbeyfield react to the parson’s news? How does the Parson respond to Durbeyfield?What can you infer about Durbeyfield from his actions?Describe the area that surrounds Marlott.What is the May-Day dance in which the girls of Marlott partake? Who pparticipates in the club-walking?Describe Tess’s initial appearance and actions.What brings Angel to Marlott? What happens during Angel’s brief visit to the village?Contrast the mood at the May-Day dance with that at the Durbeyfield home. How does Tess react to the change in atmosphere?Characterize Joan Durbeyfield. How is Tess different from her mother?How do Mr. and Mrs. Durbeyfield, Abraham, and Tess all end up at Rolliver’s Inn?Why does Tess feel the need to look after her father?Why do Tess and Abraham end up driving the beehives to market?What are Tess’s feelins about her family’s past?Tess tells ABraham that they live on a blighted world. What happens to Tess and Abraham to emphasize this point?What red images does Hardy include in the description of Prince’s death?Why does Tess consider herself a murderess?What reasons does Joan Durbeyfield have for sending Tess to the d’Urbervilles? What are Tess’s feeling about going there?Why is Tess surprised that the d’Urberville estate is "all new"?Describe The Chase.Briefly describe the family history of Simon Stoke.Describe Alec d’Urberville’s physical appearance and personality.What do the last four paragraphs of chapter 5 tell you concerning Hardy’s beliefs about people’s ability to find happiness?Identify 3 more examples of red imagery in chapter 5.What is Joan Durbeyfield’s reaction when she learns of Tess’s employment at the d’Urbervilles?Describe the interaction between Tess and Alec in the cart. How does it contrast with their first meeting?What is the nature of Tess’s work at the d’Urbervilles?What is the relationship between Alec and his mother?Why does Tess end up at the Chaseborough dance? How does the environment there contrast with the one at the May-Day dance?Who is Car Darch? How does she indirectly contribute to Tess’ ruination?What is significant about the ending events occurrence in The Chase?

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    These are tremendously basic questions. Are you sure that you read the book. Had you done so, you would have known that the answer to your first question is Tess’ father.Read this and you’ll find all the answers: [external link]

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    Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Thomas HardyStudy Guides: [external link] … [external link] …Tess of the d’Urbervilles Essays: [external link]