Was industrial revolution worth it in the long run?

i am writing an essay on industrial revolution for my history class and i am having a very hard time making sense of all the articles i have been able to find. i have learned a lot about it but i don't really know how to put it all together into an essay. I need to argue whether or not the progress made by the industrial revolution was worth the costs. I am leaning towards the side that industrial revolution was worth the costs because, from what i can gather, the major problems with early industrialization such as working conditions and child labor has since been resolved or lessened. If someone could give me some ideas about what i could talk about in my 3 arguments or some useful links that will give me a good sense of the pros and cons of the industrial revolution i would be very thankful!

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  1. istoke says:

    The Industrial revolution was worth it. (I’m glad I don’t have to do all those things they used to do!) But the down side was that child labor was terribly harsh. People also started moving back into the city causing in some areas overpopulation and disease, but the Revolution required a lot of man power and that seems to be the only way to get workers in. Unionization also became an issue one that still is pertinent to this day. As factories grew larger, workers began to demand clean working environments and better regulated wages. Minimum wages are a result of that shift from farming and little industry to manufacturing and big industry. You may consider these things: child labor, unionization and migration from rural to urban. The pros: better wages, shorter/regulated hours, etc. The cons: child labor (though it was resolved) hazardous work enviroments and unionization. Hope this is a help!