1.Could Margaret Fuller be called a Transcendentalist? Why or why not?A)Yes. Margaret Fuller believed in civil disobedience and she demonstrated this belief by publishing an essay opposing the Mexican-American War.B)No. Transcendentalists believed they understood the world better than others. Margaret Fuller believed all people should be treated the same regardless of their beliefs or religion.C)Yes. Transcendentalists did not believe in conforming. By writing an essay about women's rights, Margaret Fuller didn't conform to society's expectations of women during that time.D)No. Margaret Fuller did not believe in the ideas of Transcendentalists. She was a devout Christian and spoke publicly about the idea that God and nature were not the same thing.2.Which answer best describes Andrew Jackson’s view of the Constitution?A)It should be interpreted to the benefit of Federal government as a rule.B)It was a key guiding document and should be interpreted very strictly.C)Its strict interpretation should be adjusted when in conflict with modern issues.D)Its importance should be weighed against the importance of state constitutions.

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