Suggestions for my early Islamic history essay?

Hey folks, so I'm taking a course on early Islamic history and I have an essay due next week. My topic right now is "the status of women in pre-islamic times and how the prophet changed it".i am allowed to change my topic.. to any other topic, as long as it is related to Islamic HISTORYhow can you help: please help me find online sources on the topic i chose, or suggest other interesting topics for which i may have more luck finding sources.. right now i am having a lot of trouble finding sources on the topic i pickedthanks so much for any help!

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4 Responses to “Suggestions for my early Islamic history essay?”

  1. N-SPLAT says:

    I like both of these suggestions because Islam does get a bad wrap in the media. Not withstandanding that I would recommend a paper on Hasan e Sabah, just cause he was cool. Now for women and Islam, remember that women were treated especially bad in the region where Muhmmad was born into. They were basically slaves. Also, there was a huge differences between treatment and attiudes toward women who were from the upper classes than those of the uneducated lower classes. Also, different countries obviously had different views toward women. It is safe to say that in all the middle-east and meditterranian partriachy is stronger than in northern europe? Does this mean they women had fewer legal rights? The only fair way to know this is to compare two countries legal codes regarding women say, The Fankish Emprie laws toward women in the year 780 with those of caliphate at the same exact time. I read somewhere during the crusades about how disgusted muslims were with the way europeans treated their women including letting them talk to strangers as long as they wanted.Also, if you are interested in Islam views toward other religions here is a good source: Biruni, who was a famous islamic world historian. See [external link] …

  2. rubbed says:

    You could look at why the Arab Conquest successfully overran and took over the Sassanid empire in just a few years, but wasn’t able to take over the Byzantine empire – which was MUCH more advanced than the Arabs in terms of science,biology,astronomy,metallurgy,mat… et al.

  3. npa/nxx says:

    You should write about how Islamic cultures and countries were more accepting and tolerant of other religions, especially in comparison to Christian Europe. Tell about how this acceptance spurred along scientific and medical advances in the Muslim world, while Europe lagged behind in the Dark Ages. That’s my suggestion, because most people are so focused on bashing Islam, rather than looking at the very positive historical role it once played.

  4. trousseaus says:

    The arab world was the most advanced culture in terms of science, biology, metallurgy, astronomy, fabrication, mathematics et al. The prophet changed them from the most advanced scientific culture to the most religious zealots in the modern world. The arrival of Islam took them from the most scientifically literate and most capable to the least powerful and least capable in terms of every measurable field of study and and social intercourse only now after major efforts moving slowly away from mysticism to rational study and topics.