To kill a mockingbird and all summer in a day?

TKAM, All Summer in A Day, Animal Farm:How are these books relevant to students? (mainly 9th graders?) I need to write an essay on these tomorrow and I need some supporting details for a paragraph but all I could come up with so far is that To Kill A Mockingbird helps students understand prejudice. It would be awesome if somebody could give me a few supporting details! Thank you sooo much in advance! (:

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  1. tennisy says:

    To Kill a Mockinbird, shows how some people just arnt nice, and I tshows how being mean does not help anybody…I dont know I am not good at putting my point in words…..sorry

  2. ezprint says:

    to kill a mokingbird. It shows that in every age we try to get someone in trouble and it shows that throught our history it shows as well it hasn’t changed much we as nineth graders get someone in trouble but when we realize it’s too late to confess. In the story a black man gets in trouble for something he didn’t do and even though they confess he still gets killed

  3. lakins says:

    To Kill a Mockingbird is all about racism, which is particularly relevant now that we have a (very capable) black man running for president.Animal Farm is all about propaganda and the control of the state over the individual, and that is very relevant today. Think about how the president and other leaders control what you know about the war in Iraq.All Summer in a Day is about peer pressure and discrimination. It’s a short story so it wouldn’t take you long to read.