What is a basic planning structure for an Of Mice and Men essay?

Hi Ace, Two men emerge from the path along the Salinas River that runs a few miles south of Soledad, California. Traveling to a nearby farm for work, they were let off by the bus driver several miles away. The two men walk in a single file path down to a deep pool near the river. Both men, George Milton and Lennie Small, wear denim trousers and coats. George is small and quick, dark of face with restless eyes and strong, sharp features. Every part of him is defined. Lennie, who walks behind him, is an enormous man with wide, sloping shoulders. Lennie drinks long gulps from the pool, and George admonishes him, telling him that he will get sick again, for the water may be dirty. George warns him that he should never drink water that isn't running. Lennie imitates the way that George wears his hat. Lennie, who is mentally deficient, asks George where they are going, and George in turn scolds him for forgetting. Lennie claims that he remembers about the rabbits, the only part of their plan that he can ever remember. George notices that Lennie has his hands in his pockets, and asks what he has. It is a dead mouse, that Lennie kept to pet with his thumb as they walked. George explains to Lennie that they are going to work on a ranch like the one in Weed from which they came, and tells Lennie not to speak when they get to the ranch, for their boss will think that Lennie is insane. Read the complete essay here:

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    Go to the website called SparkNotes. They have a huge list of book titles there and under each book section there are chapter summaries and essay breakdowns. Hope that helps.P.S. They should definetely have Of Mice and Men. It was there last time I checked.