Help on Pig and Frog disection!?

I have this essay/report thing I have to do as an end of the year final and I'm having trouble finding some of these answers. Help?!What blood vessel do the renal arteries originate in a pig?Into which blood vessesl do the renal veins in a pig empty?In a fetal pig, how does blood from the renal veins differ from blood in the renal arteries?How is a forked uterus in a pig an adaptation for multiple births?How is digestion in a fetal pig different from an adult pig?What is the role of the respiratory system in the healthy functioning of the fetal pig? explain how the fetal pig exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide with its environment.Trace the path of inhaled air through the respiratory sytsem of a pig.How does the structure of a fetal pig's heart differ from the heart of a newborn or adult pig? How would it harm the pig if structural differences persisted after birth?What course would the blood take through the pig's heart?

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  1. stunned says:

    1.) renal arteries travel from the descending aorta to the kidneys, I’m pretty sure its the either descending aorta or the thoracic aorta depending on how picky they are2. inferior vena cava3.) blood in fetal and adult pigs should be oxygenated in the arteries and deoxygenated in the veins.4.)don’t know sorry5.) see the link i pasted below6.)respiratory system reomves gasous waste products from the body, pigs need oxygen and release carbon dioxide, parental oxygen from the mother carried through the blood/placenta/umbilical cord.7.) Adult pig- air goes in the mouth/nose, then to the pharynx, larnyx, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, then goes back out the same way. 8.)well many animals before birth have a hole in their heart called the foramen ovale. it lets blood bypass the lungs while they are developing since all oxygen and nutrients come from the mother. Yes if hole existed the pig would not have any blood that went to the lungs even though he would be breathing on his own. This happens occasionally in humans and needs to be repaired after birth.9.)adult pig – vena cavas, right atrium, right ventricle, pulmonary arteries, lungs, pulmonary veins, left atrium, left ventricles, aorta, bodylook at this website it is very good I used it in my college dissection lab for fetal pigs. [external link] …

  2. ranchlands says:

    thank you! i had the exact same questions from my lab and could not find the answers! Report Abuse