A.P. Government Essay Ideas/Issues?

I have to write an essay this summer. Here are the exact directions:You will have to write a comparative essay on an issue on a controversial issue dealing with the US government (foreign and/or domestic policy)Requirements:1. Minimum of 750 words (not including the bibliography).2. Need at least five sources (and none can be wikipedia).3. You have to present at least two sides (some issues have even more).4. You will need a bibliography done in correct format ( [external link] ).5. You cannot use quotes except when you are directly quoting a person’s speech. In other words, I want you to think what an author is saying and put it in your own words.6. You will need parenthetical citations for any quotes or original work (ie the idea can only be found in one or two sources). Failure to do this or direct plagiarizing may result in a 0 for the assignment.What are some good topics/issues that I could use which would be fitting to these directions in a well-written essay? Where can I seek to find the 5 sources that I need?Thank you for your suggestions!

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  1. miran says:

    I would suggest you look at the 29 billion dollars the Congress just approved after being called back into session by Pelozi. You must realize money will be skimmed off the top (before any teachers see help from money agreed too for the bail out of Unions) This skimmed money will then be used by the Unions (who normally back Democrats) as donatiions to Democratic politicians that are running for election. Please understand this is a very important issue many have not thought about, but every American that is not a Democrat will be putting money out to advertise for Democrats. How great is that? Pelozi is the biggest skam artist in the United States along with her merry band of lemmings, and she is still allowed to walk the streets with a smile on her face.

  2. vahdat says:

    i like how you go to hayfield too. hahahaha Report Abuse