Relation between the Mexican war and the Civil War?

A recent historical essay suggests that if the Mexican War had not happened, the Civil War would not have happened either. Assess this proposal with particular regard to • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo• The Compromise of 1850• The Kansas-Nebraska Act• The election of 1860

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4 Responses to “Relation between the Mexican war and the Civil War?”

  1. monte says:

    First off it would be helpful to link the “historical essay” here so it can be read.Secondly alternative history is the stuff of novels and short stories – and it never leads to anything worthwhile in my opinion.

  2. termier says:

    I’m not seeing the connection other than success and/or failure in our militaristic endeavors. Wouldn’t it be akin to saying the Civil War would’ve never happened if we weren’t victorious in the Revolutionary War?

  3. untoileted says:

    no connection.

  4. Guzmania says:

    Almost all of the top Generals in the Civil War got experience as junior offices in Mexico. including Grant, Lee, Stone wall Jackson, Sherman, Breckenridge, and Buerigard all had commands in the mexican War. Reguardless of the outcome, the Civil War was inevitable since the Slavery issue was NOT delt with by the founding fathers to their shame and our detriment!And look at the d*mn mess we have today with all the racial stuff going on and a Black President presiding over the greatest racial division in our history since the Civil War!