Can some one proof read my essay and tell me what can i improve it on please?

From marriage to failure.The heart is deceitful above all things. Young teenagers fall in the falseness of their heart. Many suffer the consequences of their wrong decisions. Getting married is an important decision that can influence us for a life time. Financial instability, lack of communication, and immaturity, are some the most common causes that teenage marriages fail to subsist. Financial instability is a considerable factor that brings failure to teenage marriages. Some young couples get marry only to live the moment, and fail to think about their future. They believe that having a couple of grants in the bank will ensure their financial stability for a life time. As a young person it becomes hard to think that in marriage it is not all about one person any more, but about two. Been financially unstable can cause serious problems between a couple. Knowing that one cannot go out because there is no money to spend becomes stressing. Not having a good job that provides enough for both husband and wife is frustrating. I have closely followed a case in which the couple was young and the husband was in debt and had not enough to provide for his family. He later got a well paying job his wife also began to wok and they mutually manage to get out of their financial instability. As we can see, it is a serious problem that can be fixed with a mutual help. Lack of communication is another motive for which many teenage marriages end in failure. Marriage alone is difficult, imagine teenage marriage. When a couple fails to communicate, misunderstandings and arguments come as result. About a year ago I found myself in a relationship in which the lack of communication was a big issue. Been a bad communicator cost me plenty of arguments. Many of the misunderstanding, and the fact that we did not know how to communicate led us to rupture. I believe that many relationships end up breaking up or divorcing, for rumors that are never clarify due to their lack of communication. In a relationship it is important to be a good communicator. Trusting our partner and talking to them about the issues that are affecting the relationship helps us to develop good communication skills. Furthermore, immaturity in my opinion is the number one cause of failure in teenage marriage. Some young teenagers are not mature enough to take such decisions as to get marry or whom to marry. Throughout the years I have seen many young couples, go through hardship and end up getting hurt because they followed their heart without reasoning. As I said before the heart is deceitful, many time we think that we are in love when in reality we are only living an illusion that sooner or later will go away. Some people say that maturity comes along the years. I definitely do not believe this. The reason I do not believe such statement is because one can be fifty years old and still be immature mean while someone can be fifteen and be very mature. I believe that is not about how long one has lived, but the things one has lived. As an example I can tell you about my mother. She married my dad at the age of eighteen, but before she got married she had gone though sever situations in her life that made her mature at a very young age; therefore I believe she was ready to marry my dad. She had my oldest sister at the age of twenty and she managed to raise five children of her own. Henceforth I believe she is the best mother of all. Aside from that, he point is that she was young yet mature. Many couples fight over the most insignificant things, as to what movie to watch, where to go out, or even how to have fun. That is what I call immaturity, giving things the wrong importance. To conclude, there might be many reasons to why teenage marriages fail to subsist, but in my opinion the most common are financial instability, lack of communication and immaturity. As I said before a teenager can be financially stable, good communicator and mature enough to marry. Remember the heart is the most deceitful thing. You might follow your heart if you follow it along with reasoning.

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    you have a lot of wrong tenses, wrong words and not enough punctuations. you could sound a little less preachy too but other than that, its an interesting topic and not bad!

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    I thought this was marriage class, not English class, ugh!

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    interesting, full of personal expieriences and information.well written. worth a b+