Characteristics of the 8 Planets?

My science final is tomorrow & one of the essays is to describe 3 features of each of the 8 planets. I was wondering if I could get some help on this one, I know there are several features to choose from but what are the easiest 3 I could pick for each? Thanks in advance !MercuryVenusEarth MarsJupiterSaturn UranusNeptune

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  1. floey says:

    mercury: very thin almost no atmosphere, a lot of craters due to the thin atmosphere, 0.387 astronomical units awayvenus: very thick atmosphere, hottest planet; has an intense greenhouse effect, sulfur rain and lakes are on the surfaceearth: only planet known with life, only planet known with liquid water oceans, only planet known with advanced technologymars: very thin atmosphere again, dust storms on the surface, the only planet with woking craft on them [venus had one fer about 12 minutes before it melted due to the heat, all other planets were gassy and the pressures crushed them]jupiter: largest planet [terrestrial and jovian], cloud bands that move with the planet, voyager 1 and 2 visited this planet firstsaturn: not the only planet with rings but has the most noticeable, has a moon that formed between a ring [i think?], cassini probe ventured hereuranus: it has rings as well, has an elliptical orbit, only planet whos axis is 90 degrees [tilted on its side]neptune: also has a storm like jupiters big red spot, the atmosphere is mostly composed of hydrogen, helium, methane, and ammonia causing the planet to be blue, has faint rings

  2. Cynopithecidae says:

    So, just choose 3 features from the several features you know of. They don’t have to be the easiest (whatever that means).Its not hard – you already know some if you think about it, and your textbook or any number of websites will have information as well.Try these to start: [external link] … [external link] …