I’m writing an argumentative essay about BSL (breed specific legislation), can someone help?

I just need some help with some points I should cover and any helpful websites, stories, articles, etc., would be great! Right now, I'm saying that BSL is discriminatory, ineffective and it's not solving the real problem. Any other big points/topics I should cover? Thanks! :D

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9 Responses to “I’m writing an argumentative essay about BSL (breed specific legislation), can someone help?”

  1. eumitosis says:

    I’d love to help but you can’t cite YA. I believe homework should be done by you. That’s how you learn.

  2. periphlebitis says:

    yvw! GL on your essay Report Abuse

  3. raised says:

    I just did a report on animal cruelty and dog breeding was one of my points. Researching it will get you the best answers.

  4. eburnated says:

    Try looking for nature vs nurture work, you can probably pull from work on humans. We adopted a Catahoula, which is supposed to be a difficult breed, and she’s working out great because she has a great personality. I’m a firm believer in nurture, humans and dogs are shaped by experiences. There are lots of examples of great rotties (my dog has two “friends” who are rotties) and there lots of examples of labs that bit their owners, but they don’t make the news. I think you’re totally right, BSL is stereotyping, but I can’t point you to any sources.

  5. bassinets says:

    How about this website: [external link]

  6. korjata says:

    Tons of info on this site for you to read. The paper is your opinion & work reflecting what you believe & know. [external link]

  7. oath says:

    Talk about the what the real problem is, lousy breeders. Inappropriate training methods. Public perception of particular breeds based on media reports which of course are always about the worst cases.

  8. pkjames says:

    Here are some great articles on factual information about BSL and how targeting by breed rather than by individual dog is ineffective. [external link] … And another great one: [external link] … Some of the main points, imo, are:1. BSL targets all dogs of specific breeds or even breed types and in spite of banning anything that looks like a named breed, after years of banning, fatalities and serious injuries by dog continued to increase or at least stay about the same, proving that getting rid of a breed did not end the very rare incidence of death by dog.2. Bite statistics and incidents are often labeling dogs as a certain type or breed when in actuality, many are not mixed with the breed or breed type at all. Dog has short hair and strong build? Must be a “pit bull” (not actually a breed, but a type of dog that describes at least three breeds of dogs- and inacurately includes any number of mixes that have short hair, strong build.)3. Besides being fiscally costly to ban and regulate banned breeds, people are often devastated, children crushed by the loss of a friendly family pet just because of it’s breed or appearance. Even dogs that were fought and brutalized- many of the Michael Vick dogs, were successfully rehabbed and re-homed- some with families. [external link] are many great resources on the web about BSL and the fact that the Netherlands, where breed bans were enacted about 25 plus years ago, learned that it was not the breed of dog that accounted for severe bites, death by dog because bite statistics stayed up when certain breeds were effectively banned there. It solved nothing! So they did the rational thing and penalized individual cases rather than by breed of dog.

  9. canisiana says:

    The sites below give you excellent coverage of the issue.