Class Ring! EASY 10 POINTS~?

We have to write a essay about what my class ring means to me. We can include stuff about friendship and how it relates to the ring. You know what teachers like like...."my class ring means more to me than a silver band..blah blah blah"Can you give me some ideas...anything i should write?. our school colors are blue.only a blue stone in the middleand our symbol is a hawk.keep in mind i will be saying this speech at the ring ceremony in december.10 points for the best answer!

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6 Responses to “Class Ring! EASY 10 POINTS~?”

  1. fundamentally says:

    well i do know that the color blue symbolizes youth, spirituality, truth, and peace. if that helps. go to the link and it says all about it and i think it will help your speach a lot. if ur school color is blue.

  2. desynchronize says:

    It always denoted the wholeness and the world is a circle , where a winner will loose and a looser will win at one point of time .Meaning everybody has to loose something before he dies , at least he will loose his life .

  3. sermonist says:

    Something to the effect of:”In all cultures throughout time, the circle has stood to represent wholeness, unity and the infinite. A circle is unending, just like the memories of _________.”Expand and play with some of the ideas of the circle/ring: Good luck with your speech!

  4. freeloving says:

    Of all the memories of high school, passing notes to friends, the good teachers along with the bad, going to the games, seeing the cliches of each group…seeing old and making new friends throughtout the years, test, worries abt going on date during the weekend even if its only with the girlfriends, having a date for at least one dance, wearing the popular clothes…and the rest of the memories of high school.

  5. antievolutionist says:

    “To me a class ring symbolizes all of the memories I will have of high school once I have moved on”………this sounds like a good starter!

  6. forerevelation says:

    Jostens is now offering a service where instead of getting your name carved into the inside of your ring, you can get your signature that you write in a little white box etched into the inside of your ring. One idea is to try to get all of your friends to sign in that little white box to get them all on your ring.