How do postman get their post?

Questions to boggle the mind No.3(Taken from Spnogebob- the episode in which he has to write the 800 page essay on what not to do at a traffic light)

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3 Responses to “How do postman get their post?”

  1. oilstove says:

    he was like “how do mailmen get their mail? is there a neverending chain of mailmen delivering mail to one another? i suppose a P.O. box could break the chain…” then the mailman says “dont you have a paper to write?”

  2. peninsula's says:

    haha, i saw that one but i cant remember the exact words..i think it was there’s an an infinite no. of postmen delivering mail to each other…

  3. neth says:

    umm each postman is assigned a place to deliver mail so the person assigned to a mailman’s area delivers his mail duhhh