What is mobile virtual reality service?

plz give me more details of it to make an essayall soughts of details like history, developed by, common use etc etc etc help me plzzzzzz

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  1. busby says:

    Mobile Multimodal Virtual Reality for Personal TeleservicesAugmented reality merging real and virtual environments to provide totally new services and interfaces to mobile observers is the basis of the mobile multimodal virtual reality system for personal teleservices, developed in the PIHVI (Picocellular based personal virtual products and services) project at VTT Electronics and University of Oulu Infotech Research Center. The research focuses on the characteristics and components of wearable personal virtual reality systems with augmented reality display systems, tracking systems, wireless communications and wearable computing. The backbone of the mobile virtual reality is a wireless picocellular personal surrounding network (PSN). Currently, experiments are carried out with a multimodal personal augmented reality user interface for Nokia 9000 Communicator product, which is a small-sized combination of a notepad computer and a cellular phone.=SM=