Can I get into Bergen County Academies?

Ok so I heard it's really hard to get into Bergen Academies. I live in Edgewater NJ and theres not alot of kids there. Does that mean I'm more likely to get in? I heard that you need to be good in math, language arts, and science. Well, my report cards are full of A's and A+'s in every subject except math. I'm in 7th grade. But I'm in advanced math. I used to get SOME B+'s in Math (mostly 6th grade) but now I'm back up to only A's (7th grade). I am only in prinicipals list or high honors. My writing skills are great! I've won many awards for them. My teacher also keeps my work. One time, we were doing a science experiment in 6th grade...and I had the most phenomenal report that she gave me an A++. I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE CLASS. I also got a 100 on an English test that even geeks failed ( not that I'm not one). There was also a time in science where only three people in the class passed a test (me being one of them). Everyone else failed. Also, there is nobody in my class (that are going to apply) that was always straight A's. But they are VERY intelligent. I'm not saying they get C's but they got some B+'s. I am also EXCELLENT in Spanish! I'm the best in class! What do you think? My advanced math teacher said I'm doing very well now! I got a 93 on a test where te highest grade was a 92. I'm only doing better. I also won an award for best DARE essay in my class. I am learning 8th grade math since I'm in pre algebra. But some sample questions we haven't learned yet. Such as square root and percentages. Will we learn this? I am in 7th grade now. Should I take any tests during the summer or anything? What should I do!?!?! I NEED to get in!Thanks

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  1. cowages says:

    OMG I USED TO LIVE IN EDGEWATER TOO!anyways, based on what i read, you’re really smart(:yeah i know there’s not that many peopleso..well you can’t really say there’s a higher chance for you to get inbecause there will be less people that will be chosen. the more people in your district, the more people get accepted into BCAover the summer, you should practice the sample tests on their websiteand ask a teacher, friend, relative, etc. for help when you don’t know howto solve one of those questionsjust letting you know, the questions are not that easyso don’t have your hopes up too high on scoring a 40/40 on the testbut good luck for next year!