ok so i have to do an essay on the us gaining alaska and i need some info on the following:who owned alaska before the us and what was the reason for them selling itwhy was the purchase of this land important and to whom,what was the public view of the purchaseand how was the purchase beneficialPLEASE EXPLAIN OR GIVE ME A SITE URL TO GET ALL THIS INFO THANX

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  1. chilausk says:

    take a look at this: [external link] …

  2. joakimh says:

    General Alaska State History [external link] …A Brief History of Alaska Statehood (1867-1959) [external link] …History of Alaska [external link] …

  3. Fameuse says:

    i think russia owned it first.they thought it was useless i guess.its purchase was important to use b/c now we’re getting oil from there.if the russians had found the oil first we probably wouldn’t have alaska today.

  4. precollectable says:

    [external link] …This article covers your topic quite well and answers your questions. Good luck with the essay.

  5. outram says:

    [external link] …

  6. pseudotuberculous says:

    go to and type ”history of alaska”

  7. holed says:

    This tells about the purchase of Alaska from the American point of view: [external link] .…This site gives the Russian reasons for the sale: [external link] …